A downloadable game for Windows

Space Rollers is a low poly space adventure game. Roll your character trough a wild variety of different planets. what you decide to do while playing the levels is up to you, aproach the enemies with force and violence or sneak past them silently. you can also collect golden blocks, if you have enough of them you can buy awesome upgrades (will be included soon).

if you want to take a break from all the hard levels the sandbox might be something for you. here, you can mess around with all the assets in the game.

the game is`nt finished yet, it might be buggy or even not work at al! if you discover any bugs, glitches or crashes please tell me. you can submit your feedback on the discussion board of this download page. all theglitches, bugs, crashes and mistakes will be patched as soon as possible. if you discover a major glitch/bug an/or help testing the game and give good feedback you can get a spot in the game`s credits (be sure to alert me about it).

Important notice: This version of the game is just for testing basic mechanics.

Install instructions


The file that is included on this page will not work on mac (i`m working on a fix)

The file that is included on this page will only work on windows if you unzip it correctly!


space rollers alpha 0.1.4_Data.zip 21 MB
space rollers alpha 0.1.4.exe 19 MB